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Paint Sprayer Machine

Paint Sprayer Machine


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Zuosen Professional Piston Pumps for PAINT SPRAYER MACHINES

Taking wagoner HC970 airless paint sprayer as an example, the use of hydraulic piston pump can make the operation power of the SPRAYING MACHINES more powerful and stable,  at the same time, it can adapt to more complex construction environment.
The advantages of using variable piston pump:
1) small volume;
2) high volume efficiency;
3)high pressure grade;
4) long service life.

ModelVR18 P09P12PV6
Flow (cc/rev) 1891214.4
Max Pressure (Mpa) 25252531
Description More FlowMore flow ,low Temperature and installation feeStable,Zero pulsemore rev and flow.

Zuosen Advantages :

1) Easy-using : The direction of pressure regulating valve can be customized according to the design of the equipment to facilitate the installation of pressure regulating hand wheel.

2) Competitive : Compare with usual famous pump models , Zuosen could manufacture the same model and keep same parameters with competitive price .

3) Reliable quality : With 17 years pumps manufacture experience ,Zuosen purchased high precision spare part and each pumps has been through serious test.

4)customized: Zuosen could manufacture any type pumps  according to customers' demand to perfectly match with sprayers and machines.

4)Short  Delivery  Date:  2 working days .

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