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yuken piston pumps start instructions​

yuken piston pumps start instructions

 Mounting Drain Piping When installing the pump the filling port should be  positioned upwards. Alignment of Shaft Employ a flexible coupling whenever possible, and avoid  any stress from bending or thrust. Maximum permissible misalignment is less than 0.1 mm  TIR and maximum permissible misangular is less than  0.2°. 

Suction Pressure Permissible suction pressure at inlet port of the pump is  between -16.7 and +50 kPa. For piping to the suction port, use the pipes of the same  diametre as that of the specified pipe flange to be used.  Make sure that the height of the pump suction port is within  one metre from the oil level in the reservoir. 

Hints on Piping When using steel pipes for the suction or discharge ports,  excessive load from the piping to the pump generates  excessive noise. Whenever there is fear of excessive load, please use rubber  hoses. 

Suction Piping In case the pump is installed above the oil level, the  suction piping and suction line filter should be located  lower than the pump position to prevent air in the suction  line. Install drain piping according to the chart and ensure that  pressure within the pump housing should be maintained at  a normal pressure of less than 0.1 MPa and surge pressure  of less than 0.5 MPa. Length of piping should be less than 1 m, and the pipe end  should be submerged in oil. 

Bleeding Air It may be necessary to bleed air from pump case and  outlet line to remove causes of vibration. 

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